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GenM 2 Minute Miracle Gel GenM 2 Minute Miracle Gel

Zija's GENM 2 Minute Miracle Gel, makes miracles happen right in front of your eyes in just 2 minutes, this is certainly the gel you need to make your skin, look and feel younger, with that glow at all times.

List Price: R769.89
Our Price: R715.00
Sale Price: R693.00
Savings: R76.89
Xango Mangosteen Juice Xango Mangosteen Juice

Xango Mangosteen juice is an all Natural Health fruit juice blend. Considered one of natures most powerful superfood's used as traditional folk medicine in South East Asia for centuries, you too
can now enjoy all the benefits xango has to offer you today.

List Price: R1,265.00
Our Price: R1,210.00
Sale Price: R1,173.59
Savings: R91.41
ZIJA XM+ Core Moringa Xm+ Extreme Moringa Energy

The Zija XM+ is a powder with over 90 vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients. XM+ is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and other helpful ingredients that make your body work like a clock.

List Price: R1,429.89
Our Price: R1,374.89
Zija Moringa Plant Protein Zija's Core Moringa Plant Protein

Zija's Core Moringa Plant Protein Mix contains a dose of protein that is COMPLETELY extracted from the Moringa oleifera tree 20g of pure plant protein, Soya FREE, Gluten FREE & is suitable for Vegans,

List Price: R1,419.00
Our Price: R1,385.89
Savings: R33.11
Supermix core moringa oleifera from Zija Core Moringa SuperMix

Supermix is Moringa Oleifera packed with more than 90 vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants, omega oils and other ingredients that are beneficial to our health.

List Price: R1,429.89
Our Price: R1,385.89
Sale Price: R1,385.89
Savings: R44.00
New You Moringa Weight Management System Zija Weight Management New You Kit

Zija's New You weight management system will help you with your New Look when it comes to loosing weight, feeling and looking good naturally.

List Price: R2,860.00
Our Price: R2,793.89
Zija's Morcler water purifying system Morcler Water Filtration and Purifiying System

Morcler is an Revolutionary home water filtration and purifying system, with no plumbing or installation required. Tested against many of our common water supplies today. Morcler is capable of Reducing 78+ contaminants from our water like Pesticides, Bacteria, Metals, 99% Lead Reduction

List Price: R7,699.89
Our Price: R7,149.89
Sale Price: R6,940.89
Savings: R759.00